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K-OS $31.00-SOLD OUTonline only price Third best yo-yo player in the world, Eric Koloski, and YoYoJam team up to bring you a yo-yo that you will not be able to put down. Using HG technology this yo-yos plays smooth, spins long, and can handle all the tricks you throw at it. The K-OS has a new shape too with a smaller diameter that just feels right. Built for Eric's "chaotic" style the K-OS is player that should be in everyone's collection now! $31.00
8-eight-8 SOLD OUT$110.00 The eight8eight has been designed for YoYoFactory Contest Team players for the 2007 contest 'Season'. In terms of manufacturing it ushers in a new era of quality and precision in manufacturing for YoYoFactory in response for customers' demands for absolute perfection. While the G5 narrow profile offers great access to the hubstacks, the 888s wide body and diameter cater for more traditional 'single A' play. The addition of hubstacks does NOT, for even one moment, detract from the smooth spin and string play, but opens the door to more play options.
The world's FIRST Adjustable YoYo! F.A.S.T. ® stands for Fully Active Starburst Technology®. The FAST® 201 takes you from beginner to pro in three easy steps.

Forged for the Future, the F.A.S.T.® SpeedDial™ offers players ultimate in adjustability in the ultimate yo-yo! A metal hybrid yo-yo with new dial technology allows the user to simply make adjustments by turning the dial to suit their skill or style. Over 100 measured individual settings can be yours with the turn of a dial.

Lyn Fury $15.99 The Lyn Fury is the yo-yo designed by Jonnie DelValle. It is an all plastic large ball bearing, and weighs 66 grams It is the X-Convicts little brother
Journey$16.00 YoYoJam releases its all new beginner yo-yo: The Journey. Featuring the nice wide profile of the Patriot, this yo-yo is light weight and double o-ring making it the perfect yo-yo for the first time thrower! Combine this with the standard YoYoJam adjustable gap and you have a yo-yo that will snap back to your hand when needed, but still handle those crazy string tricks. Start Your YoYoJam Journey Here!
X-Convict$46.00 The updated version to the X-Con. Built stronger with better weight distribution. From the mind of Johnnie DellValle this wide metal rimmed yo-yo plays completely different than anything you have played with yet. Double o-ring response
SPEEDER$43.99 This is the yo-yo 2004 World Champion Hiryouki "Mickey" Suzuki used to win his World Champion title! The Speeder features a Single Yo-Ring Response system with a starburst on one side and a Yo-Ring on the other. It also has a smooth ball-bearing system and an adjustable gap. The Speeder is a traditional butterfly shape with a nickle chrome plated bronze weight ring. The Speeder weighs approximately 65 grams and has an outside diameter of 2.19" and is 1.45" wide.
Hit Man$44.00 Signature yoyo for 2003 World Champion, Johnnie DelValle-- this is the yoyo that won him the title! The HitMan is a completely new design for YoYoJam featuring a smaller diameter than our standard yoyos and extra-wide aircraft aluminum weight rings which wrap tightly around the edge of the yoyo. Also features the YoRing Response System. This is the perfect yoyo for learning Johnnie's famous "grinds".
Mini Motrix $48.00 Designed by the guru of yo-yo mods, "Dr." Mo Chavez, the Mini Motrixx packs a powerful punch in its little 2.06" diameter. This is truly the ultimate pocket yoyo! The Mini Motrixx features the patent-pending Double Yo-Ring Response system along with an adjustable gap allowing you to truly customize the response of this little yoyo to suit your style of play. Also features a nickle-bronze weight-ring for long spin times.
on top of all that Mo is a great guy!
Copper Head$24.99 SOLD OUT Like the SpinFaktor HG, the Copperhead featured rim weighting like YoYoJam's composite body models, but was an all plastic model. The rim plastic was made much denser than the rest of the yo-yo by adding heavier particles to the mix.
Out of Stock
Black Knight $46.00 SOLD OUT This is the signature series yo-yo for John Narum. What makes this one special is John's addition of a dimple on the yo-yo. This allows for new tricks where you can actually balance it on your thumb! Hybrid Response, great shape and a very nice looking new yo-yo! Online only price