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Signature Series yo-yo for Hironori Mii, is back! The Aquarius has been used by US and World Champions to win the offstring division. It features a rubber outside ring molded onto its polycarbonate body for a yo-yo that can stand up to the rigors of offstring play. The large width of 1.935" and its outside diameter of 2.975" make it the perfect size for nailing those tough offstring tricks The Aquarius

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As of October 31st, Yo-Yo classes have been moved up one hour to 3PM, any testing and instruction will take place until competitions start,all competitions will be held at the end of classes at 3:50PM.
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The yo-yo has been around for a long time. On their web site, the makers of Duncan Yo-Yo have written tongue in cheek, "The yo-yo is the world's second oldest toy, so the inventor's name has been lost to history. It is thought that he was the younger son of the guy who invented the wheel." According to Duncan, there are pictures of yo-yos on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples.

The modern yo-yo movement was started by a bell hop in a Santa Monica hotel. Pedro Flores brought the toy with him from the Philippines and started a yo-yo company when he realized how many people wanted him to make them one.

Yo-yo means "come-come" in the native Filipino language of Tagalog. Donald F. Duncan, who started Good Humor Ice Cream, bought the company from Flores and made Duncan Yo-Yo one of the most popular toys in America. Duncan invented the looped slip-string, which allowed the yo-yo to spin without returning to the finger.





Diabolos, the new hot Item here at the shop.

Great for ages 5 and up. We carry two sizes the smaller one costs $19.99 and the larger version runs $29.99, these new versions from spintastics feature a unique one way bearing Avaliable mid November.
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