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Sunshine Kite Company has been on the Redondo Beach pier since 1974, The shop host a kite festival each year the second Sunday in March.

The first 20 years Randy Joe owned the shop, Randy countinues to be an innovator in the Multi million dollar kite industry, manufacturing and designing kites for the new division of X-Concepts of Escondito CA, X-Kites, Randy was an early innovator of sports kites in the late 70's, his early sport kite designs have changed little in the past 20 years his kites were instrumental in the development of sports kites and for over a decade proved his team Tsunami was the definition of what teams world wide strived to be.

In 1992, I came to desire a $180 on the wall of his little shop and I worked Sundays till I had it paid off, I started competing in individual competitions and eventually got sponsors and a place on a 4 person kite team, Team Air West, in 1999 the team finished 1st overall in the US and eventually ranked 5th world wide, In 1999 my Wife Ani and I took over the shop and randy moved to the manufacturing side,

I no longer compete, but I still fly about 5 hours a week, and I love to teach others how to get their new kite up and flying,
Yo-Yo classes started in 2003 and have been great fun, every weekend at 3PM we host Yo-Yo and Diaoblo classes, Quite a few of our Students have entered competitions and rank very high in the US, and Patrick is ranked #1 in the world under 10 years old!, and the Yo-Yos have been added to the Kite Festivals and the competitions are attended by hundreds now!

The shop has been my home for over a decade now, and this still doesn't feel like work, I love the Redondo Pier, and I am proud to say I love having my wife as my partner every day, you can find us any day at the shop, stop by and say Hi, just follow the kites down and turn left, you can't miss us.