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Sunday  through  Thursday 11:30  to  6:00pm
riday and Saturday to  7:00  pm
Sunshine Kite Company welcomes everyone from 6years old and up to join us Saturdays at 3PM for our free yo-yo classes, Learn in a group atmosphere from the Pros Like our head instructor and Team YoYoJam member Yoshi Mikamoto, Known for his Judo type moves in his routines, Yoshi has a way of teaching anyone the skills they'll need to become a well balanced player
We carry a large selection of kites, everything from a 5 year olds first kite to the new high tech power kites from HQ kites of Germany, we carry the full line of X-kites and a full line of YoyoJam yo-yo's

Directions to the shop
110 Fisherman's Wharf
Redondo Beach, California
(On the Pier)

Family owned and operated since 1974
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